Major forex pairs: Major, Minor and Exotic Currency Pairs
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The two main special features of major pairs are that they are the most stable and the most liquid. Major pairs attract traders because it’s easy to predict whether the price will go up or down. Although USD is almost always seen as a compulsory part of any major currency pair, some believe that cross currencies like EUR/CHF, EUR/JPY, and GBP/EUR deserve to be included.

  • Let’s calculate all the basic parameters a trader needs when trading a major currency pair using the EUR/USD as an example.
  • Look for currency pairs with low spreads, like EUR/JPY, AUD/JPY, EUR/USD, and GBP/USD.
  • The top 10 most popular currency pairs include the Major ones and several Cross currency pairs.
  • In this article, we will list all the exotic currencies available to trade in the foreign exchange market and describe what makes these coins attractive for traders.
  • Of course, the EUR/USD is not immune to volatility though and still subject to price shocks.

Traders regularly buy and sell them in an open market with minimal impact on their own international exchange rates. The EURUSD is the most traded currency pair due to its widened appeal with the EUR and USD. You will also see these pairs referred to as “the majors” or “the Big Four”. There is no definite ‘safest currency’ to trade, due to the liquidity and often volatility of the forex market.

Buying And Selling Currency Pairs

Currencies tend to reflect the economic health of their parent nation. So critical economic data – such as inflation, unemployment numbers, foreign trade or payroll numbers – can often result in forex volatility. Central banks can have a big influence over the performance of currencies, for example by changing interest rates or printing more money. They may also buy and sell their currency to keep it trading within a certain level.

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Trading the forex structure – EUR/USD and USD/CAD management .

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The most traded currency pairs in the world are called the Majors. They involve the currencies euro, US dollar, Japanese yen, pound sterling, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, and the Swiss franc. EUR/USD, though, is the biggest by far – some 28% of all forex trades are on euro-dollar alone. The major currency pairs comprise up to 75% of forex volume, which makes them easier to trade than minors and exotic pairs because they have the majority of buyers and sellers. Not surprisingly, all of these pairs contain the US dollar – due to the sheer size of the US economy. One thing to note is that these exotic currency pairs tend to have wider spreads because they are not actively traded like the major currency pairs.

What are the benefits of trading major currency pairs?

Learn more about how you can take advantage offorex trading hours. The last decimal place to which a particular exchange rate is usually quoted is referred to as a pip . Some online forex providers typically quote no more than a fixed 1-point spread between the bid and offer on major forex pairs, and liquid cross rates in normal market conditions. Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

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The “Major” currency pairs are some of the most common currency combinations in the Forex market. Although there is no definitive list of what the “Majors” are, any list will certainly include the four traditional “Majors, which are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF. In addition, the largest of the traded “commodity currencies”, USD/CAD and AUD/USD also make our top six list (it could be argued that NZD/USD would be the seventh name on the list). You will notice that all of these “Majors” are made up of individual currencies relative to the US Dollar.


A good rule of thumb if you’re new to https://forexbitcoin.info/ is to focus on one or two currency pairs. Generally, traders will choose to trade EUR/USD, USD/JPY or GBP/USD because there is so much information and resources available about the underlying economies involved. For the most part, the currency pair is used by traders and investors who want to protect their assets in periods of market turbulence and economic downturn.

The best currency to buy now is one that has the best rate of exchange and whose monetary policy is not limiting. Plus500SG Pte Ltd holds a capital markets services license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore for dealing in capital markets products (License No. CMS100648). The products and services described herein may not be available in all countries and jurisdictions. Those who access this site do so on their own initiative, and are therefore responsible for compliance with applicable local laws and regulations. The release does not constitute any invitation or recruitment of business. The US dollar and the Canadian dollar have a strong correlation, due to being fiscal neighbours and important trading partners.

Issued by the Hungarian National Bank, the forint only became accessible to the global market in 2021. Like the Czech Republic, Hungary also hasn’t adopted the euro, even though it’s a member of the EU. This pair indicates the value of the U.S. dollar against the Turkish lira, the national currency of Turkey. The lira has been revalued many times in previous attempts to reduce inflation and has been considered one of the least valuable currencies globally at certain times in the past. The American dollar is one of the top-traded worldwide currencies. This pair indicates the value of the U.S. dollar against the Swedish krona.

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This currency is based on the value of the dollar compared to the Swiss franc. The price you see on the charts reflects how many francs you need to buy for one dollar. Currency pairs are in Forex , and they measure the value of one currency against another. Click the ‘Open account’button on our website and proceed to the Personal Area.

Employment rates, GDP, and the disparity between interest rates dictated by the U.S. The US dollar is influenced by the Fed’s monetary policy, its direct market interventions, and the country’s economic situation. The EUR quotes are affected by European Central Bank monetary policy, and such economic factors as employment rates, budget deficits, and national debt levels.

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CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire balance. Please consider our PDS, FSG, Risk Disclosure Notice and our Terms and Conditions available on this website before using our services. CFD traders do not own or have any rights to the underlying assets. The US Dollar is the primary reserve currency globally and dominates international trade. The supply of US Dollars is controlled by the US central bank, the Federal Reserve. Although the US Dollar has been forecast to eventually surrender its dominant global position to the Euro, the US currency remains a safe haven in times of crisis and the key global reserve currency.

This is because such currencies often retain their value or even climb higher as the market tumbles. Trading in Forex, which is short for Foreign Exchange, has surged in popularity in the 21st century amongst individual retail traders who trade on both a professional and non-professional basis. Although FX trading has been an important part of the larger banking system for centuries, this area has long been inaccessible to the individual. StoneX Financial Ltd (trading as “City Index”) is an execution-only service provider.

Please ensure you understand how this product works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing money. The USD/CAD currency pair is the number of Canadian dollars required to purchase a single U.S. dollar. Of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You can trade nearly 100 currency pairs with easyMarkets, including major, minor and exotic pairs. They include currencies from the world’s largest and most stable economies – some popular pairs include EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY.

  • USD/CHF has significant daily volumes, high liquidity, as well as tight spreads.
  • The most traded pairs of currencies in the world are called the Majors.
  • An exotic currency is a currency from countries with developing or emerging markets.
  • In a financial market, the larger the trade value between two individual traders, the larger the profits.

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