Sewage & Jetting Tanker Service

Sewage Tanker Services: Shalimar trading and Transport Company has its own wide range of sewage water tanker services, using 6000- 5000 gallon capacity high pressure suction tankers and trailers with higher capacity for collecting and disposing the sewage water at the government approved dumping sites. Companies that generate liquid waste require a convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to dispose of these substances.

Jetting Tanker Services: STTC's sophisticated high pressure jetting tanker has been designed to optimize cleaning performance and is tested to highest standards not just for reliability and safety but to make sure it achieve optimal performance every time. this system is equipped with hose and standard drain cleaning nozzies and a comprehensive selection of specialized sewer cleaning nozzles and equipment’s.

High pressure jetting machines
High pressurevacuum super suckers for tank cleaning
Manhole cleaning and pipeline cleaning
Tankers and trailers for sewage, oil, chemical waste and rain water.