Domestic Waste Collection

Shalimar trading and Transport Company offers a variety of permanent and temporary services to industrial as well as domestic clients through¬out Qatar. Using the industry's largest collection of waste skips, hook loaders, waste bins and stationary compactors. Our safe and friendly drivers provides clean and dependable waste and recycling collection, while our professional customer service staff is trained and standing by to answer all of your service-related questions. There is no system of segregation of organic, inorganic and recyclable wastes at the household level. To find a solution for this Shalimar provides door-to door collection waste in call basis in and regular basis.

Industrial waste collection As Qatar's largest waste services organization, STTC has the equipments, manpower and expertise to provide dependable, cost-effective solutions to manage industrial waste streams for all types of industry, ranging from local plants to the largest multi-state manufacturing and refining facilities.

Single and double skip loaders [ non-domestic waste ].
Hook loaders and stationary compactor transportation.
Compactor vehicles far domestic waste transportation.
Containers-7 m3, 20 m3, 1100Itr, 2401Itr 120 Itr & custom size for waste collection